Amazing Benefits of Segmenting your Audience for Digital Marketing

Amazing Benefits of Segmenting your Audience for Digital Marketing

The saying ‘aim for the stars and you may reach the moon’, does not apply to digital marketing. It is a competitive world of achieving fixed targets at a certain budget. That is the main reason why it is advisable to segment your audience before launching a digital marketing plan.

Here are some advantages that segmenting the target audience provides –

Increased likeliness of conversion

A targeted message is much more likely to convert the target consumer into a consumer. Firstly, the message can be designed keeping the target audience in mind which makes it more relatable. Secondly, a targeted message makes the customer feel ‘special’ or differentiated.

A reputed digital marketing agency would prefer sending a message to a thousand people and getting four hundred assured conversions over sending ten thousand emails, most of which are likely to be treated as unimportant, ending up in the spam folder.

The aim should be to appear important to the consumer, this can be done by targeting different segments of the audience with customised messages. This practice speaks heavily against mass marketing as mass campaigning is often perceived as a scam or a matter of irrelevance by a majority of consumers.


Segmenting your audience can result in improving the focus of your marketing campaign. It can give your ‘call to action’ a true meaning and purpose as it is solely created for that specific group of consumers. Using such personalised call to actions improves the chances of your customers actually taking necessary action. If your digital marketing agency loses focus by getting involved in the practice of mass marketing, the desired results won’t be achieved. So, it is advisable for them to follow segmented marketing as it promises more results.

Personalization Strategies

By segmenting your audience and practicing segmented marketing for a while, you may actually get to know your customer better. If customers repeatedly visit your website, you can get to know a lot about their practices and motives when they are buying products. This paves the way for building more segments and personalization strategies. It will lead to an improved customer base for you where you can easily segment them into demographic sections like their age, relationship status, or their annual income. It can lead you to gaining information about –

Behavioural Patterns– The items they look up, the number of times they visit the site

Preferences – You can get to know about the device they use for browsing, the browser they prefer, etc.

–  Social media – By asking them to follow your business on social media, you can get to know about their online presence and loads of other information.

Test their brand loyalty– You can truly get to know how loyal your consumer is to your brand by their responses to your repeated messages.

Increased Credibility

By segmented marketing, your business can come off as a company of credibility. Your users become more likely to –

  • Answer surveys
  • Respond to your messages
  • Participate in other marketing activities

Just like one should be aware of his or her potential, knowing one’s limitations is an advantageous feature too. A good digital marketing agency is likely to use segmented marketing as it is less costly and involves smart planning.

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