Your website must fulfill your desired goals through captivating visitors and leading them to the desired action. For that, you need a clear-cut conversion passage. Let the experts help you out.

The conversion rate is reflective of the proportion of web visitors who complete a desired action by passing through the conversion funnel. This action can range from subscribing to a newsletter or submitting a form to buying a product or availing a service. The Digital Flic professionals leverage the technique of conversion optimization for comprehensively testing a landing page, to come up with appropriate content, optimal layout and design, which would finally lead to a boost in the conversion rate. In other words, we undertake every step to prevent the bounce rate from increasing.

We have adequate industry experience in conversion optimization in Sydney, boosting website conversions and in turn increasing website profitability. Through inspection of the factors that are acting as hindrances against conversion, we take every step to mend the issues. The following parameters are taken into consideration.

User Experience– The visitor’s experience with website design, graphics and interface are analyzed on entry to the site, in order to optimize the website for a more profound user experience.

Call-to-action– Analysis is done to understand if the call-to-action, presented in the form of text or graphics or both is arousing interest or not. Only if visitors are interested, website conversion in Sydney would occur.

Website Usability– A website should be seamless to operate and easily lead visitors to what they are looking for. Usability involves parameters such as intuitiveness, convenience of operation, interaction and turnaround time for resolving any issues encountered.

Content Relevancy– A website must present a good balance of graphics and text. Apart from this, conversion is also boosted based on how attractive and relevant the content is.

Information Architecture– Content should be placed in such a manner that it does not hinder navigation. This plays a major role in influencing the visitors’ thought process.

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