Bing Advertisements

The high market share of Google in the advertising domain brings in lot of competition. So, it would be a great option to enter the world of Bing too.

So far as pay per click advertising is concerned, Google Adwords enjoys the maximum share of around 66%, but it is not the only player. There are many advertisers or marketers who simply ignore the world beyond Google for online advertising. However, it is also true that advertising on Google involves facing a lot of competition. Moreover, marketers might find themselves incapable of meeting the daily budget owing to the presence of highly targeted keywords as well as campaigns making use of extremely matching keywords or keeping small-sized geographical regions in target. Again, marketers might quickly reach each day’s budget even with minimal targeting due to the availability of matching keywords.

Having years of experience in this field, our experts feel that Bing advertisement is a very feasible solution, which can be taken up alongside Google advertising. Since Bing has a smaller market share, less advertisers use it, which in turn makes Bing pay per click less expensive, while you get higher ad rank.

Bing advertisement comes up with the following benefits:

Lower CPC – Google Adwords offers Cost per Click at a rate that is 20% higher than Bing, considering the same keyword set. In addition to being less expensive, the ads are also highlighted in more prominent positions in Bing.

Reduced Competition – The number of bidders is lesser in case of Bing Ads compared to Google Adwords taking into account any particular keyword. This boosts the chances of acquiring higher ad rank.

Competitive Advantage – Bing advertisement brings in possibilities of a competitive advantage since a large proportion of businesses do not go for the Bing network.

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