AWS Server Setup and Maintenance

The AWS catalogue does have state-of-the-art resources and services, but if you are unaware of proper deployment, these are useless. Let’s configure AWS and create a robust infrastructure for you.

Nobody can deny the challenges involved in deployment of the services and resources incorporated in the AWS catalogue. It truly requires extensive skills in AWS hosting. Digital Flic, a company with enriching experience in AWS server setup, enables businesses to realize their potential with high-end AWS architecture, through which they can make the best of a robust infrastructure. With extensive knowledge in scalability and infrastructure, we can provide everything including design, fabrication, control and maintenance as well as support.

AWS Design and Build Services– Our AWS hosting experts can go for designing and development of customized infrastructure to provide for both individual application and large corporate environments. The ultimate infrastructure that you receive follows the best industry practices so far as resilience, scalability, affordability and performance are concerned. Our solutions bouquet includes existing AWS server setup review, reconfiguration for seamless deployment of AWS, creation of disaster recovery provisions, firewall and security design, amongst others.

AWS Manage and Support Services– Our support and manage services enable hassle-free running of your infrastructure. The quality and resilience capability of your security system undergoes thorough monitoring and we also check the functioning power of SLAs and resources, while continually focusing on the growth and development of the organization. We assure you of comprehensive solutions with continuous application log and database monitoring, scalable technical support, SLA and performance report on a monthly basis, patch management, automated alert configuration, and more.

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