E-Commerce Development

Your business depends considerably on your online store, which can either attract or repel customers. It’s your decision, so create a solid first impression with brilliant ecommerce solutions.

Are you aware of the fact that running an ecommerce website is less expensive than operating a physical store? You need to have in-depth understanding of the customer’s pulse in order to successfully build an ecommerce website. At Digital Flic we have noteworthy expertise in ecommerce website development including magento development, woocommerce development and more. With our specialized assistance, you can make your customers’ online shopping experience a brilliant one through creation of specific product categories, payment integration, complete control of CMS as well as other backend management, amongst other features.


Magento development is quite popular with large, small and medium businesses. This ecommerce software package is extremely powerful and entirely featured.

Pros- The parent company of eBay renders support to the licensable software of Magento. You can work with an open-source version; however, there also exists a licensed, upgrade copy. Considering functionality and features, it has much more to offer than what the majority of users require.

Cons- There can be certain hurdles in customization since Magento is larger in size than many software packages. The end-user is required to acquire substantial knowledge.


Woocommerce is a plug-in for WordPress and incorporates numerous payment gateways such as Free shipping, Sharedaddy, and so on. It is a wonderful solution if you wish to update pricing, products and coupons.

Pros- Users have a lot of options at their disposal, since it is flexible with diverse themes. Woocommerce development can easily pave way for maintenance of high security standards and good search engine ranking.

Cons- It might have insufficient extensions, functionalities and features. Hence if you wish a more superior level of ecommerce website development, Magento is a better option.

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