The Route to Gain Success with Social Media Monitoring

The Route to Gain Success with Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is extremely important and it can be quite a daunting task. The best digital marketing services providers have dedicated and trained professionals to provide state-of-the-art monitoring services to their clients, but before you avail their assistance, it would be good to understand what makes social media monitoring successful.

Defining goals

If you are monitoring simply because everyone else in the marketplace is doing it, you are in big trouble. You must have a specific goal in mind which you should share with your digital marketing services provider for best results. The goal can be anything- you want an alert when people are praising or criticizing your brand, you want to offer rapid response to customer service queries, you want to figure out the actual needs of the market, and so on. When you have a goal in mind, you can always channelize your resources in the right direction.

Identifying where to monitor

Social media is all about conversations and building relationships. However, it is not possible for you to enter into conversation with everyone simultaneously. As you plan out your monitoring program with your digital marketing services provider, make sure to ‘hang out’ where most of your target ‘social audience’ is, and this includes both existing and potential customers, as well as industry thought leaders. Through monitoring, you can understand the social whereabouts of these people, which makes it easier to leverage the right channel for engagement.

Deciding what you should monitor

Since monitoring is a keyword-oriented activity, it is imperative to choose the most appropriate keywords. During this activity, you must make sure to track your product names, brand names, company name, competitive product names, competitors’ names, taglines, industry keywords, along with your recent marketing endeavors.

Focusing on significant messages

Social media is overflowing with conversations across social networks and channels throughout the world. There is a lot of social noise all over, which makes matters all the more complicated. To counter this, you must have a smart and actionable monitoring plan in place. This should enable you to concentrate on the most important social media messages. If your organization is a large and categorized one, you must hire a digital marketing services provider who monitors according to brand, product, or message type.

Developing a plan

A plan is particularly required in order to deal with any kind of crisis. There should also be a plan in place for routine engagement. To create a proper plan you must find out the answers to questions like- How can customer advocacy programs be created? How do you work on feedback received? How do you handle criticizing bloggers? When a bloggers praises you, how do you create goodwill out of that?

Remember that social media monitoring is not only about jumping to action. You must be a careful listener in order to understand a community, its mode of interaction and how opinions are expressed. Also, ask your digital marketing services provider to help you out in selecting the right tools that are in line with your monitoring strategy.

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